Fry Station Drawer from Williams

May 19, 2023
Innovative Products & Projects, Williams

The new compact drawer cabinets from Williams are designed to offer a flexible chilled or frozen storage solution for frying and grilling stations.

The oil and energy-saving solution
Breadcrumbs and food product coatings can be shaken off while in the fryer basket. This ”fall off” will be caught in the tray rather than carbonizing in the fryer, thus extending the life of the oil. The hang time of frozen food in fry baskets allows ice crystals to fall off. The reduction of crystals ensures that the oil temperature won’t fluctuate as much. As a result, cooking quality is improved and oil life is extended.

The energy-saving is allowed by the CoolSmart controller that minimises power consumption and is provided by precision-injected, high-density (75 mm) polyurethane insulation that offers excellent thermal efficiency and has low GWP and zero ODP.

Flexibility and materials
Variable temperature allows easy switching between refrigerator and freezer settings and the module can be adjusted to other kitchen equipment varying heights. In addition, its compact footprint makes the fry station drawer ideal for small kitchens.

The exterior is made by food-safe stainless steel and it is designed to work efficiently in ambient kitchen temperatures up to 43°C.

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