Gas Griddle Plates from Baron

April 07, 2023
Innovative Products & Projects, Baron

The new era of fry tops

A line of compact cooking appliances, designed for people who do not want to give up on high performance, even in small spaces.

More room for your menu
Thanks to the new plate, engineered to concentrate the heat just on the cooking area, the entire surface of the plate can be used to further optimize eating and cooking times. The Gas Griddle has also a graduated power management for better adaptation to different foods and loads (temperature above 300° C) or thermostatic safety valve with thermocouple (90-280° C).

More time to cook 
The drawer collection has been increased for a greater capacity and a less-frequent emptying.

Materials and cleaning
The Gas Griddle unit is made of stainless steel and its striped plate design guarantees cleaning all the way up. Another feature that helps to keep the plate clean is the wide drain channel for the collection of cooking fat.

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