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Ideatre by Carpigiani

February 04, 2014
Innovative Products & Projects, Carpigiani

The hot new idea in cool technology for your business.

IdeaTre is the new machine by Carpigiani that revolutionizes the word of food retail: a single solution for producing, preserving and exhibiting gastronomy and pastry products as well as gelato.

With IdeaTre you can prepare gelati, sorbets, slushes, mousses, pastry creams, jams, fruit toppings, temper chocolate as well as savoury sauces and creams for a wide range of delicious sweet and savoury recipes.
Unleash your creativity and work directly in front of your client. The artisan can now spend more time with his customers, explaining the recipes, discussing ingredients and involving them in the actual preparation of the finished product.

IdeaTre is compact with a linear design that will fit easily into any space with a footprint of only 1 square meter.
Four vertical cylinders are inserted into the worktop and each of them can go from +105°C to -15°C in a few short minutes. IdeaTre grows with your business. Available in modules of 4 cylinders, it is easy to add multiples as demand increases. Per hour, each multiple of 4 cylinders can produce from 10 to 130 kg of different products. 

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