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Innovation at the Heart of the new GWM and GWN series by Grandimpianti ILE

March 10, 2015
Innovative Products & Projects, Grandimpianti Laundry

Premium Features are Standard on Entry Level Series

Grandimpianti ILE, founded in 1972 and part of Ali Group since 1999, is specialized in complete fabric treatment systems, including washing, drying and ironing. From coin laundromats to spas, from restaurants and wellness centers to cargo ships, from cheese manufacturers to hospitals and clinics, Grandimpianti ILE provides efficient, effective solutions throughout the EEC, Africa and Middle East.
“The entire production and development chain is involved in the process of innovation,” says Patrizia Terribile, Managing Director of Grandimpianti ILE. “ We believe in what we call “contamination”. We look at sectors very different from our own for inspiration, technology and materials for our products. The insulation used for our tumble-dryers and roller ironers is the same as that used in industrial ovens.”

The latest series by Grandimpianti ILE, the GWM and GWN entry-level washer extractors are a perfect example of the company’s commitment to providing the best in safety, reliability and efficiency. Whether in a coin laundromat, a ship, a hospital or remote building site, this series offers an incredible number of features that provide optimal results.
Ergonomics and design have the characteristics of a premium range. The control panel shows the phase of the program in use. Regular maintenance cycles are programmed. All relevant data, including number of cycles, consumption and alarms are automatically registered and can be recalled at any time. The wash cycles and be pre-programmed for use by non-expert personnel or the general public, or with more complex cycles for expert personnel, making this series suitable for the most diverse washing needs.
Able to work in the most adverse conditions of heat and stability, these machines no longer require an expensive base for anchorage. The double safety devices guarantee safety at all times.  All parts are accessible from the front of the machine for easy, ergonomic maintenance.

Power and delicacy: a motor capable of generating up to 200G, ensures that the drying phase will be fast and effective. The steel hemispheres of the drum move water quickly away from fabrics as they are “massaged” to cleanliness, saving on wear and tear.
High performance and sturdiness do not mean compromise on savings of resources and running costs. Equipped with premium features such as the DWS (Dynamic Weight System) and the G4-Wiz® that work together to weigh the load and calculate the precise amount of water and detergents necessary, it is possible to save up to 50% of running costs associated with more traditional systems.


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