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May 30, 2019
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Top pastry chef Leonardo Di Carlo explains how his relationship with Hiber allows him to focus on quality and reliability

Defining Leonardo Di Carlo as a “pastry chef” only tells a small fraction of the story.
In fact, he’s much more than that: consultant, author, teacher, mentor, entrepreneur, world champion, and most importantly a researcher of the art and science of pastry-making.

Di Carlo learned the ropes of the trade at young age in his parents’ pastry shop. He then continued his education in several European schools with different teachers.
It was soon clear however, that the classic training path wouldn’t really suit him: “I started to feel constrained by routine”, he says. “When you do the same thing over and over, you’re never going to grow. That applies to pastry-making as well as to life.”

Opening in 2016 his own school Pastry Concept® in Conegliano near Treviso, gave Di Carlo the opportunity to build his ideal pastry kitchen with the best equipment available. In his search, he did what he always recommends others do: he started with the cold. “Cold is what allows you to produce more and save time,” says Di Carlo. “It’s like having a car with a bigger tank.”

Hiber was a natural choice, and for more than one reason. First of all, Di Carlo was already familiar with the quality and reliability of Hiber’s blast chilling and refrigeration equipment. What got the project started however, was his long-time friendship with Stefano Lovisotto, Hiber’s brand manager and Andrea Bottin, executive director of the Ali Group Refrigeration Division for the North East of Italy. The division is composed of three brands: Hiber, Friulinox and Polaris.

For Pastry Concept®, Hiber supplied The One, their most innovative product so far, with several functions in one square meter: blast chiller and shock freezer, slow cooker, thawer, warm holder, fruit dehydrator, refrigerator, freezer and much more. These can be fully programmed and automated.

The collaboration between Hiber and Di Carlo was so productive because they both strongly believe in the importance of listening to your customers to create solutions that allow them to do more with less, while keeping quality intact. “Building equipment is easy, providing real solutions is more difficult,” says Lovisotto. “Leonardo helped us a lot with that. He knows exactly what he wants and was a source of inspiration for us.”

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