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Invicta from Rancilio Specialty

March 24, 2023
Innovative Products & Projects, Rancilio Specialty

Straight to Coffee

Invicta is a reliable, stable and easy-to-use single-boiler espresso machine designed to make the best brewing technology accessible to all baristas.

It is equipped with some of Rancilio’s Patented Technologies, such as Steady Brew – which guarantees excellent thermal stability – and T-Switch, that allows to set manually different extraction temperature for each group. In addition, Invicta allows the barista to vary the water pressure both in the initial stage (pre-infusion) and in the final stage (post-infusion) of the extraction process.

Invicta has also a unique style and a stainless steel low-profile body, that facilitates customer interaction and service operations. It is available in three colours and the body panels can be painted depending on customer requirements.

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