LC TOUCH: Retarder Provers from Tecnomac

November 30, 2021
Innovative Products & Projects, Tecnomac

A tailor-made solution for bakery and pastry industry professionals

LC Touch combines Tecnomac’s experience in design of retarder-provers with the most advanced digital controls systems.
It can be used as a retarder-prover, as a proving chamber, as a thawing chamber and as a refrigeration chamber. The advanced programming system allows a remarkable time saving, and the new construction technologies ensure a huge energy saving.

Technology improves the quality of your life

LC Touch technology can offer a daily production capacity from 50 to 1000 kgs, with consistent accuracy thanks to T.A.S., the patented Tecnomac Air System.
4.0 technology, with connectivity through the TCP/IP Modbus protocols, for perfect integration into any production system.

Commands at hand

Specifically designed and constructed to fit the needs of every user. The innovative design is compact, strong, ergonomic and simple to clean; door opening and closing is easy and safe.

High performance and low consumption

The new generation Control Board allows the full control of all steps of the process, ensuring a remarkable energy saving.
The power of the compressor is controlled upon the actual need of power of each program, the heating element is always modulated and the relevant humidity level prevents wastes. All together these features cut running costs down by 40%.
The panels insulation thickness as well significantly contributes to the energy saving process.

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