Lycéee Georges Frêche

October 30, 2013
Innovative Products & Projects, Rosinox

The Languedoc-Roussillon Region chooses Rosinox and Friginox for their school of excellence.

The Georges Frêche School of Hospitality, in Montpellier, was inaugurated in September 2012 and is home to approximately 1000 students that wish to build a career in the world of foodservice and tourism.

The £80 million institute, created by Massimiliano Fuksas, was completely financed by the Languedoc-Roussillon Region, with the objective to provide students with a focused, high quality education with the best facilities possible for the development of enogastronomic tourism in the area.
The building is composed of 5 modules, melding together to form an organic whole. With its unusual triangular windows and façades in glass and alluminum, the building looks more like a contemporary art museum than an institute of learning.
The 24,000 sqm institute provides facilities for six different areas of specialization: hospitality, restaurant and catering, bakery, pastry, barman and tourism.

The products of Rosinox and Friginox for the future chefs

The choice of which kitchens to install for the 13 different teaching units was an extremely rigours process entrusted to A.L.M.A.Consulting, who chose Rosinox and Friginox for their ability to provide unique, quality, innovative solutions within the timeframe required.
The excellent quality of the materials, the wide range of products, the service, the price-quality ratio, durability, functionality and hygiene were all decisve factors in this public project.

Rosinox provided the Lycée with made-to-measure ranges for the beginners and brasserie kitchens, suspended ranges for the students restaurant and catering kitchens, horizontal ranges for the advanced kitchens and custom solutions for both the pastry and advanced kitchens.
Friginox supplied over 100 pieces of equipment ranging from conservation cabinets to blast freezers, form walk-in refrigerators to storage freezers. The consultants chose Friginox because their products meet the rigorous critera required by hospitality schools.

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