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July 27, 2018
Innovative Products & Projects, Grandimpianti Laundry

Grandimpianti I.L.E. has always been interested in safety. That’s why the company has decided to adopt more stringent standards in our washing and drying equipment (GWH, GWN, GWM, GD, GDZ models) by making the functions of the emergency button automatic and integrating them into the electronic board.
So, the operations previously assigned to the operator, who had to necessarily press the button to secure the machine, now are completely automatic. in full compliance with the European regulations*.

For more information please contact the company: https://www.grandimpianti.com/en/contacts/

* The equipment comply with the regulations:
60335-2-7-11 (tumble dryers)
EN 50569
EN 50570
EN 50571

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