NEW MONO BX Eco-Wash Convection Oven System

November 10, 2016
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MONO’s Perfect Solution to the Combination vs Combi Dilemma…

Having worked extensively with both bakeries and Food-2-Go outlets, MONO has developed a new range of convection ovens which cuts through the convection oven vs combi oven question by incorporating a high-end, totally integrated Self Wash system to provide a highly effective solution for baking, roasting and cooking a large variety of foods without the fear of cross contamination of odours, flavours or foodstuffs.

Meat to Sweet in Just 35 Minutes*
MONO’s NEW BX Eco-Wash convection oven provides the perfect alternative solution to a combi oven, at a fraction of the price, whilst affording genuine flexibiity to produce an extensive and diverse range of food groups both safely and effectivley; Changing from Meat to Sweet product categories can be achieved in just 35 minutes using the quick Hot Flush programme.* Now even the smallest food-2-go outlet or pop-up cafe can confidently and safely offer a diverse range of freshly baked and cooked products with minimum investment.

Unsurpassed Cleaning Power
The BX Eco-Wash Convection Oven features an innovative, highly advanced self-wash facility which offers five specialist cleaning programmes – the hot flush which cleans, de-greases and de-odourises the oven in just 35 minutes*, gentle wash, standard wash and power wash along with a custom wash facility which can be used to design your own unique wash programme to suit your specific needs.

Using MONO’s Power Max Plus Cartridge, formulated to contain the optimum combination of degreasers, rinsing agents and descalers, ensures even the dirtiest oven is returned to its pristine, hygienic condition both easily and safely.

NEW Variable Fan Speed
The BX Eco-Wash Oven also features a new Inverter Drive providing the user with complete control of the oven’s fan speed for each stage of the bake cycle which means even the most delicate products can be baked perfectly. Naturally just a small reduction in fan speed can provide significant savings on energy consumption e.g. a fan running at 80% speed actually consumes only half the energy of one running at full speed.

*Based on an oven temperature of 180oC

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