Parts Workshop 2017

November 22, 2017
Awards & Recognition, Ali Group

Spare parts, the beating heart of after-sales service

On 15 November last the Parts Workshop 2017 was held at the Carpigiani headquarters in Anzola dell’Emilia, this year with snow on the ground.
During the meeting the firms in the Ali Group presented important projects aimed at improving spare parts management to produce increased customer satisfaction. Colleagues shared innovative approaches to the supply chain, e-commerce and to developing distribution channels.

Outside speakers were also involved in the Workshop, with key focus on pricing and development of the service network. Consultants from the German firm Barkawi Management Consultants highlighted the importance of pricing according to the local market and the need for working synergically with the service network.
An important contribution also came from representatives of the inter-university consortium Cineca, covering the topic of blockchain.

Also at the Workshop the Service Excellence prize was awarded to the Carpigiani Group and to the Cooking & Refrigeration Nord Est division for their outstanding performances in the 2017 tax year.
“Parts are the starting point for creating an excellent service network; they are the beating heart of after-sales service on which we’re working with passion and enthusiasm to ensure the best for our customers”, concluded Matteo Zironi.  

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