Power Guardian and MyTutor: The Kitchen Under Control

March 18, 2021
Innovative Products & Projects, Mareno

Mareno Energy and Maintenance Control Systems

Two systems for efficiently managing the professional kitchen and maximizing the chef’s work.
They both bring extreme precision and control to completely electric kitchens, allowing for unsurpassed performance, productivity and high-level.

Power Guardian

The control system to manage electricity consumption in your kitchen. Electricity consumption in the kitchen can be significantly reduced (up to 50%). No large electric transformation stations need to be installed; electricity distribution is simpler and cheaper.
Power Guardian prevents the planned maximum threshold of the electric plant from being exceeded. No surprises in the bill!


The management system to control performance and service maintenance in your kitchen. Capable of keeping all connected appliances under control and reports operation faults or problems.
Each piece of kitchen equipment includes a set of periodic maintenance activities to keep them efficient in the long run.


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