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QuBe from Egro

May 29, 2023
Innovative Products & Projects, Egro

Quality and Best Performance

The fully automatic coffee machine for quickly preparing drinks with coffee, fresh milk and soluble products.

Compact, quiet and convenient
Compact dimensions, perfectly suitable for all small and medium-size locations. Indeed, it is ideal for the hospitality and office coffee service (OCS) sectors and for all locations with low daily consumption that require a varied coffee menu, such as offices and coffee corners.

With 27 programmable drinks, it is designed to satisfy every need. There are three versions (Pure Coffee, Quick Milk and Pro Milk) with 8 different configurations and MDB protocol for external payment systems. Also, it is available with one or two built-in hoppers for coffee beans or for soluble products.

Through the intuitive 7” touchscreen it is possible to manage the machine and, for example, setting the times to turn on and off automatically for each day of the week.

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