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Rancilio Classe 11: just forward

June 16, 2014
Innovative Products & Projects, Rancilio

The forefather of a new generation of coffee machines

Classe 11 is the new flagship product in the global business of professional espresso. A new benchmark in the top range of traditional products that creates new pathways in the dialogue and interaction between man and machine.

The latest and most advanced technological and stylistic expression of the research and development department Rancilio LAB has created a product never seen before. Every single detail of the innovative planning solutions have been sculpted into a unique and distinctive whole. The  revolutionary control panel is  in tempered glass and is scratch-resistant and shockproof.  Not only functional, this innovative choice of material allows for aesthetically pleasing plays of light that create an infinity of coloured effects. The internal silk-screen printing of the keyboard has been especially designed to guarantee longevity and durability. Wrapped in an ergonomic frame that is pleasing to the touch, the control panel allows user to have an absolutely new experience with the machine. Technology, creativity and intelligence combine with the durability needed for intense daily use. 

The wide  touchscreen display is inspired by the world of high-tech smartphones and assures high-quality graphic performance. Equipped with extraordinary audio and video systems, the new flagship product by Rancilio is ready to surprise and delight. 
Human to machine: the technology of Rancilio Group at the service of interactivity.

CONNECT is a solution designed to guarantee a punctual, independent and real-time control of the machine fleet  in use. Through the use of authentication credentials (Username and Password will be generated by the company), CONNECT shows a complete picture of coffee, water and wand daily consumptions; it allows customers to obtain detailed usage statistics; to observe technical problems and to modify settings and parameters by remote control.
This bi-directional intuitive and rapid connection is created  with the simple aid of a notebook, desktop computer  or tablet.
CONNECT is now available on Rancilio Classe 9 USB/Classe 9 USB Xcelsius as well as Class 11.

Snap&Share is a tool for communicating in an innovative way with the machine. It is an engaging, attractive mobile application, the first  of its kind, created and patented in the sector of professional coffee machines, that allows smartphones to interact with Rancilio Classe 11 and Egro ONE.

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