The Belshaw Insider Ventless Donut System – a small donut factory on wheels

February 22, 2016
Innovative Products & Projects, Belshaw Adamatic Bakery Group

Give your customers the fun of watching you make fresh donuts – anywhere you want

Belshaw-Adamatic, the number 1 source for donut production equipment, has now packed all its know-how into one self-contained, portable, ventless donut system. Bring the enticing aroma and the fun of watching donuts being made to your customers – wherever they are.
The Insider Ventless Donut System is geared to the retail market, designed specifically for indoor spaces – retail shopping centers, events, fairs – anywhere there is high foot traffic in an enclosed space.
The Insider is designed to attract the interest of passers-by. The large window viewing area and attractive appearance provide great merchandising potential.

Easy to use

The Insider is a breeze to run. The operator has only to mix the batter, fill the Donut Robot hopper and bag donuts from the roto-cooler. They are free to concentrate on sales and customer service, adding value to the customer experience.

Four Flexible components to produce the perfect donut for you and your customers

The Insider Ventless Donut Center has four components that work together: the Insider CleanAir Cabinet, Donut Robot Fryer, EZMelt 18 Melter-Filter and the Roto-Cooler.
The Insider CleanAir Cabinet has advanced features that make it the perfect choice: this includes a sophisticated air-recycling system with fan assisted grease filter, electronic filter and odor filters. An Interlock System guarantees that ventilation is active, otherwise the fryer shuts down or will not start.

The stainless steel construction is robust yet maneuverable. Removable clear polycarbonate windows make viewing safe, pleasant and easy. The 4 inch casters will take the Insider anywhere you need to be.

It is easy to put customer personalized graphics on all four sides to make sure the Insider is the first thing that people notice as they walk by. The cabinet is compatible with Donut Robot Mark V or Mark V GP as well as Mark II and Mark II GP. The fryers can produce up to 650 standard donuts per hour and 2,600 mini donuts per hour.

The EZMelt 18 Melter-Filler can be placed inside the cabinet directly below the fryer. It quickly empties, filters and refills the shortening in the fryer.

The Roto-Cooler is a rotating tray which collects and cools donuts as they come out of the fryer and is part of the Insiders great presentation.

Ventless exhaust for maximum flexibility

The Insider Ventless Donut System is suitable for indoors and eliminates the need for a standard exhaust hood. The special exhaust hood is built in and requires no special ductwork, eliminating the purchase and installation costs of standard ventilation and fire suppression hoods.

Safety first

Safety is paramount at Belshaw. The Insider comprehensively addresses fire prevention, clean air, sanitation and electrical requirements and the self-contained unit meets or exceeds local standards.
The Pyro-Chem system utilizes a wet chemical agent specifically designed to suppress restaurant fires. Cabinet and fryers of the Insider range are tested by Intertek and listed to UL-197, CSA C22.2, NSF-4 and CE standards.

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