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The World’s most delicious gelato comes from Australia!

September 09, 2014
Awards & Recognition, Carpigiani

Cow and the Moon Gelato Cafe win the first edition of the Gelato World Tour

The Gelato World Tour, an event created by Carpigiani Gelato University to spread the culture of artisan gelato worldwide concluded on September 7th in Rimini.

The winner of the title “The World’s Best Gelato” is the Cow and the Moon Gelato Café of Sydney, run by father and son team John and Sam Crowl. The award-winning flavour is mandorla affogato  and is a recipe that starts with a base of Madagascar vanilla gelato, variegated with praline almonds, coffee from Kenya and a salted caramel sauce. The public, the technical jury and all the gelato artisans participating in the competition undertook a series of tastings which left no doubt as to the winner.

The event in Rimini was a huge success. Over 70,000 people attended: journalists, bloggers, buyers, gelato artisans and the public participated in tastings, show cooking demonstration and gelato labs. The numerous courses for children to try their hand at gelato making while having fun and playing games were all packed to the brim.

“I cannot thank the organizers of the Gelato World Tour enough,” says John Crowl. “I am proud to have shown the world that even someone who is not Italian, but that has studied and workded with dedication and passion, can create marvelous artisan gelato. The day we won the Australian media went wild and since then, our gelateria has been overflowing with customers. My team has been working non-stop to produce enough of the winning flavour!”, adds John.

The Gelato World Tour began in May 2013 and held events in seven different cities: Rome, Valencia, Melbourne, Dubai, Austin and Berlin.
Thanks to social media pages dedicated to the event on Twitter and Facebook, each one of these events was a three-day gelato party that included thousands and thousands of people.

The final in Rimini, and all seven events of the tour, were organized in collaboration with SIGEP – Rimini Fiera, the international show dedicated to the world of pastry, bread and gelato. 

The Final in numbers

  • over 70,0000 cups of gelato served in 3 days
  • 6,500 kg of gelato produced by 24 competing artisans
  • 40,000 mini-cones

The Gelato World Tour in numbers

  • over 700,000 visitors
  • 360,000 cups and 576,000 mini cones served
  • more than 43,000 kg of gelato prepared

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