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Twin Star: the state-of-the art dishwashing machine by DIHR

June 13, 2018
Innovative Products & Projects, DIHR

Twin Star is the revolutionary dishwashing machine that combines the advantages of the tunnel machines with those of the cycle machines.

With Twin Star you can divide the wash areas, according to your needs. Due to the innovative drying concept, dishes can be used immediately at the end of the cycle, or can be left in the machine as if on a shelf, avoiding the use of bulky baskets and extra work.
The machine changes color at each cycle phase, displaying the actual working temperature. The water is changed not only at the end of a cycle, but also at the end of each phase of each cycle to guarantee maximum hygiene.

Thanks to the 9 wash-cycles available, it satisfies any washing needs. No steam hoods or vent needed, no floor grids, no water treatment necessary: Twin Star is full optional. Twin Star is much quieter than a traditional dishwasher and is available in two models: a front load and a pass-through, which is embedded in the wall to maintain a distinct separation between loading area and clean area (kitchen).

The innovative dishwasher saves large amounts of water, energy and detergents compared to traditional systems, resulting in reduced running costs. The wash cycles can be programmed, allowing the machines to run during the most cost-efficient times.

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