WILLIAMS foot-operated door opener

September 15, 2020
Innovative Products & Projects, Williams

Allows staff to enter the coldroom hands-free

Williams has launched a foot-operated door opener that is compatible with its modular coldrooms.
This simple device allows staff to enter the room without having to touch the door with their hands.
Constructed from stainless steel, operators simply step on the pedal, which operates a lever to open the door to the coldroom. The system incorporates a clip that holds the door latch open, so that the handle doesn’t need to be touched at all. The new unit does not affect the thermal integrity of the coldroom in any way.

The foot operated system offers two very significant benefits. First and foremost, by reducing touch points it helps to meet the heightened hygiene standards that are an important part of the response to the covid-19 pandemic.

Secondly, the hands-free access is a very useful ‘quality of life’ upgrade for the kitchen brigade, making it easy for staff to bring product into the coldroom without having to juggle what they’re carrying while opening the door.
The foot opener is a simple, robust mechanical device and can be easily added to an existing installation or specified as part of a new project.

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