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GBG presents SoftyBar

May 31, 2013
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Gelato in 3 steps!

With the new SoftyBar GBG, making a delicious, high quality gelato is easy.
Three simple steps to have a creamy, soft ice cream in just a few minutes, without having to be a professional. Once the mixture is poured into the refrigerated container, the machine is turned on and you are ready to go.

Made by GBG, a leader in the global market of machines for slushes and sorbets, SoftyBar was presented at the prestigious NRA of Chicago, the international show dedicated to the foodservice sector. SoftyBar is a compact, professional machine, perfect for small spaces. Thanks to the small footprint, it is easy to add to small businesses such as gelateria and QSRs.
Using SoftyBar together with a mixer, and changing the base mixes, there is no limit to the delicious recipes that can be made. Not only soft yogurt and ice cream, but also smoothies, variegated soft creams and frozen cocktails. All these recipes can be decorated with extra toppings for an even wider chioce of finished products.

This machine is different compared to other traditional machines because SoftyBar has a refrigerated ventilated cabinet at counter level, making loading and controlling the mix an easy task. The vertical ventilation reduces the footrint of the machine, making it even more compact than traditional models. The upper portion of SoftyBar can also be personalized, to suit customer needs and requests.
The high capacity for production, the ease of installation, the reduced washing and sanification times of under 20 minutes, make Softybar the smart solution for your business. Experts or not, SoftyBar will allow you to offer your clients delicious, high-quality soft ice cream.

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